What is Electrical Compliance?

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What is Electrical Compliance

Here at QuickSafety, we provide an app that electricians and electrical contractors can use to streamline their business operations and tasks. Central to this, is the easy completion and provision of AS/NZS3000 Inspection & Testing (Compliance), something which all electrical work done in Australia and New Zealand requires. By making this process faster and easier, our app can save you and your business a considerable amount of time over the course of the year.

So what are these documents?

Certificates of Compliance

A Certificate of Electrical Compliance demonstrates to the client that the work done complies with federal, as well as their state’s, safety regulations. It is a necessity for any and all electrical work done, whether you are wiring an entire apartment block or simply installing a circuit for a new dryer.

They allow for the certification of electrical work to AS/NZS3000 Standards to protect electrical contractors and workers, as well as the consumers. Failing to complete, and provide one to your customers, within your states required time frames is a criminal offence and could result in the revocation of an electrician’s license, and fines to both electrician and electrical contractor. They must then be stored for five to seven years (depending on the country).

This goes to show why Electrical Compliance is important and must not be ignored. Aside from showing that electrical work done is compliant to current standards, these certificates also help ensure that safety standards were followed. In other words, they help in promoting safety and compliance within the industry.

The QuickSafety Difference

Over the course of a working year, each qualified electrician will probably complete and file over 600 of these Certificates of Compliance for their electrical work. It becomes a habit for the seasoned sparkie to complete them on the fly, and hand them in to your administrative office when the day is over.

With QuickSafety, our unique app makes this step considerably easier, faster, and more efficient. Completing these certificates on your phone and instantly sharing and storing them allows your administrative office the chance to keep tabs on your certificates online, without worrying about mounds of paperwork or files littering the floor of your work truck or office. Stored safely and securely, you will never again be found searching for lost certificates, in case of an inspection.

Save time and remove the clutter with our easy-to-use and secure QuickSafety app. Contact us today to find out more about how it can help your business.

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