Electrical Safety for you and your assets!


Quick, real-time review of all electrical Certificates of Compliance from all electricians or electrical contractors on-site, all in one place! Easy identification of circuits that are not compliant to AS/NZS 3000 standards, making the site manager’s job easier. Secure storage for five years and a complete history of every circuit test on the entire project. Avoid compliance issues. Mitigate your risk today!

Government Verified

Electrical Contractors App - Australia and New Zealand

The QuickSafety App offers a tool for Electrical Compliance for You and Your Staff, Reducing Risk and Improving Your Efficiency

With access to information at your fingertips, updated in real-time, and all historical data stored for five years, the QuickSafety app provides you with the chance to improve your transparency, your efficiency, and your reporting, all while reducing your compliance risk and your paper trail.

Functions Offline

Because the app stores all of your data that you have entered, you do not need to have an active network connection to use it. Your data is simply uploaded once you have network access.

Lodge Fast, Lodge Easy

Your portal receives all the information lodged from your electrician’s mobile phone immediately. No filing or waiting for paperwork needed—you are updated immediately!

Easy Handovers

With information on all tests on any circuit available, you can quickly and easily transition the site to new electrical contractors, saving time and expenses.

Certificates Compliance App Construction

Store Data with Confidence

All of your Compliance Certificates are stored securely for five years (or seven years in New Zealand) and are easily accessed.

Fast Access to Data

The QuickSafety system allows for real-time access to information regarding on-site tests and information. Site managers can check on circuit tests and whether they have passed AS/NZS 3000 standards.

24/7 Availability

Access your Compliance Certificates immediately, anywhere, and at any time—simply log in, and they are waiting for you.

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