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Kurt Alexander

Founder & CEO

Having been involved in the electronics and electrical industry for over 36 years, in both the USA and Australia, Kurt is passionate about Electrical Industry globally and wants to assist businesses be more productive, while saving time and money!

Kurt is a Cold War Veteran of the United States Navy where he served on Nuclear Fast-Attack Submarines. Stationed in the Atlantic Ocean, he went a lot of places, but most of it was under the water! Kurt explains this part of his life as the toughest and also the finest. “More fun than a barrel of monkeys!”.

Having been in Senior Management positions for over 23 years and successfully started and operated 3 businesses in Australia, Kurt is diverse and talented in every facet of management. Recently before QuickSafety, Kurt had spent the last 6 years training and consulting globally, predominantly in the Middle East, Malaysia and Singapore.

“I am excited about what QuickSafety is doing and the positive impact that it will have on the Electrical Industry across Australia and New Zealand and eventually the world! We want to make Government Compliance easy, Legal Exposure and Risk to near zero and Personal Safety a priority to the people that matter the most – the electrician!”

Kurt Alexander