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Government Regulators

QuickSafety empowers state governments to gain access to electrical compliance in the industry, allowing complete transparency and verification of compliance within their state. Ensuring that AS/NZS 3000 Standards are followed, maintained and managed in a secure environment with easy access. Mitigating the industry from risk and exposure to non-compliance.

QuickSafety Is The Must-Have Electrical Compliance Tool That Reduces Risk And Saves you Precious Time And Money!

Access to information in real-time, the ability to filter and sort, while storing valuable data securely for 5 years. QuickSafety reduces your compliance risk, provides complete transparency at your fingertips, allowing lightning fast reporting, and a reduced paper trail.

Online Storage

No more sorting through mountains of paperwork or filing to get the data you need – just one simple portal that stores everything in one place!

24/7 Access

Access information anywhere, anytime – just log in to see all the data of your state, from the last 5 years.

Certificates Compliance App Construction

Secure Storage

Compliance Certificates of Compliance from the past 5 years (or 7 years in NZ), all in one place, stored securely.

Real Time Data

QuickSafety delivers real time information of the tests being carried out on site. Know when circuits have been tested and if they have passed AS/NZS 3000 Standards.

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