Protecting Life, Property, and Reputation.

Mitigating ALL Electrical Catastrophes.
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Quick Safety Electrical Compliance Helps You Avoid:

Power Failures & Outages

Know when your power is going to fail or be interrupted, keep power going to your assets

Electrical Fires

Ensure your buildings are safe, regardless of age or deterioration of infrastructure


Reduce your public and personnel risk from any type of electrical shock

Compliance Is The Key To Safety!

Electricity is the most dangerous substance in your buildings and across all infrastructure. You need to be sure that all electrical infrastructure is safe and compliant!

How Do You Know Electrical Compliance Is Achieved?

We put faith in the electricians doing the work, but is it really compliant?
Is it safe?
How do I know what I am required to do?
Do I receive a certificate of compliance?

How Quick Safety Helps?

Quick Safety utilizes Certified Australian & New Zealand Standards products, professional industry experts, and work with State Electrical Regulators to ensure your Asset is fully compliant.

Step 1

Electrical Safety Audits

A quick inspection can easily inform you IF your asset is safe and fully compliant!

Step 2

Electrical Safety Compliance

We can offer simple, easy to understand solutions to assist you remain 100% Compliant!

Step 3

Infrared (Thermography)

We can assist in training, certification, and professional reviews of your Thermography images.

How Safe Are Your Buildings And Infrastructure?

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