Ensure Every Electrical Job is safe! (Free to use!)

Easily complete Certificates of Compliance on your mobile app to comply with AS/NZS 3000 Standards. Provides alerts when standards are unmet. Lodge in seconds. Stored securely for up to five years.
Electrician App Compliance
Electrician App Compliance
Electrician Apps for iOS & Android Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Are you keen to save yourself from wasting time, effort, and being exposed to compliance risk? QuickSafety’s Electrician Compliance App lets you do just that, and more.

Use QuickSafety to lodge your test results immediately to AS/NZS 3000 Standards. All of your data is then stored securely for five years. All your data is quickly and easily accessible, twenty-four hours a day.

Functions Offline

The QuickSafety app operates for professionals across all of Australia and New Zealand. Even when your network is unavailable, all data is stored for later upload.

Lodge Quickly

Compliance can be lodged from your mobile phone in seconds. No need for bulky and inconvenient paperwork—this will only take a fraction of the space and the time you’d normally allot for this task.

Pre-plan your Jobs

Admins can add customer information before you arrive at a work site, while still allowing for on-the-ground inputs at any time. No need to bother with time-consuming door-knocking.

Certificates Compliance App Construction

Stored Securely

Store each and every Certificate of Compliance you have ever completed, for any job, for any contractor. We store them securely with east access for five years, and seven years in New Zealand.

Quick and Effective Syncing

The QuickSafety app syncs across all devices, for all team members. Collaboration and progress reports have never been easier or more accessible.

Round-the-Clock Access

The QuickSafety app provides immediate access to all Certificates of Compliance done for electrical work lodged for the past five years, and seven years in New Zealand.

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