Australia’s first combined electrical safety alert system set to save lives

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electrical safety alert system

Four tradesmen were killed during the home insulation scheme. Electricians did not know to turn the power off when entering the attic, therefore endangering themselves. Then the infinity cable recall, this cost the industry over $300M worth of damage and there is still over 47% of the cable that has never been recovered. Every day electricians are working in environments that carry lethal dangers, they must know the dangers immediately. The safety alert system in Australia has been broken for years.

Quick Safety, which is an Electrical Inspection & Testing app (released in May 2019), has put an end to these dangers by announcing their industry innovation of a ‘combined electrical safety alert system’ that notifies electricians when 1 of the 23 Australian or New Zealand agencies announce a dangerous situation.

No longer will everyday electricians need to rely on their electrical contractor (employer) to pass on these alerts that are received 2nd hand via their employer.

Through the Quick Safety app there is a medium that we can connect with electricians, ensuring a direct communications pathway between the existing 23 local, state and federal agencies and the electricians on the ground around Australia and New Zealand.

Quick Safety takes all 23 channels across Australia and New Zealand, we filter and sort according to HIGH priorities and normal priorities. The HIGH priorities are pushed out to the app and it locks the screen instantly and ensures the electrician opens, reads, and acknowledges the alert before continuing with their work. At the same time a message is sent to them warning of the alert, this way Quick Safety captures everyone – those working and those not working. Low level alerts sit on the homepage of the app and electricians can catch up with the alerts at smoko or lunch. The employer can see their team have acknowledged the alert and all their staff in the field are protected and aware of the danger.

Quick Safety has now launched their FREE Safety Alert System for the protection of all 208,000+ electricians across Australia and New Zealand.

To help protect your team and protect yourself on the site, go to the app store and download the ‘QuickSafety’ app.

This app is completely free and is our gift to the industry.

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