Why You Should Reduce Workplace Stress, and How You Can Do Just That

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why Reduce Workplace Stress

Whether you’re an employed tradesman or a business owner, stress is an everyday reality of the job. There’s always paperwork to file, jobs to complete, invoices to prepare, compliance tasks to complete—and the workload can seem endless!

This is especially true for those in the electrical, mining, and construction industries. The good news is that job stress is something you can successfully tackle, and I’ve got just the tips for you to make your working environment as stress-free as possible.

Why Reducing Workplace Stress is Important 

While we know there’s always going to be some stress in the workplace, too much pressure can be overwhelming and will negatively affect your performance.

What’s more, we know there’s compelling evidence to show that too much stress at work affects your mental health and general well-being. Construction workers, tradesmen, and contractors are especially at risk.

But aside from protecting your mental health, why else does removing workplace stress matter? Workplace stress means:

  • Workers don’t perform at their best
  • Jobs take longer, or they aren’t performed well
  • Failing to lodge important paperwork, such as compliance certificates, costs money or leads to unwanted penalties
  • Misplacing vital documents and invoices

Therefore, reducing workplace stress should be at the top of your agenda.Quality Collaboration

Steps to a Stress-free Workplace

So, if I’m recommending that you should find ways to deal with workplace stress, what steps can you take to make your working environment less chaotic and more productive? I’ve come up with a few helpful tips below.

Remove Clutter 

I know there’s nothing worse than paperwork lying everywhere. It’s overwhelming and makes everything seem much harder to do than it is. Using a wireless app or cloud-based storage platform lets you move your paperwork online and de-clutter your workspace. The reduction of piles of paperwork from your workplace not only results in a cleaner, more organised workspace, it can also lead to other benefits that can positively affect your efficiency and productivity.

Speedy Filing 

Failing to lodge compliance certificates can lead to costly financial penalties and sanctions. In fact, for single case fines, the failure to lodge certificates of electrical compliance can be as high as $5,000 in Australia and New Zealand while the inability to comply with Australian safety regulations may mean paying penalties of up to $550,000.

The added pressure for not meeting compliance standards will not only affect you mentally, it can also put a dent in your reputation as a business. This leads to more stress because, as managers and business owners, we always want our work to be of top quality and keep clients happy. Using a digital tool that lets you manage your compliance certificates promptly such as QuickSafety means you can instantly complete and lodge these important certificates before moving on to your next job.

Improve Job Management 

I know it can be difficult and really stressful to manage a busy workload and schedule. That’s why it’s a great idea to manage your jobs, schedules, and follow-up action all in one place. It’s even better if this is through a platform that lets you collaborate with the rest of your team and have instant access to the data you need anytime in just a few clicks.

This kind of efficiency and convenience is important to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. This is something QuickSafety also offers for tradesmen and contractors in the mining, electrical, and construction industries. Aside from allowing you to meet AS/NZS 3000 standards, it also lets you conduct efficient inspections, testing, and electrical standard validation, making sure that the more technical aspects of your job and compliance tasks are taken care of well.

Improve Collaboration 

When your team works well together, jobs get completed quicker and to a much higher standard. Effective collaboration reduces the chance of miscommunication, time wasted repeating tasks, or duplicating work such as lodging unnecessary compliance certificates or redoing inspections.

Using a centralised wireless digital platform which you and your team can use to access updated data 24/7 regardless of whether you are within network range. Allowing you to manage tasks and schedules efficiently as well as syncs across all devices paves the way to effective collaboration. Our app lets you achieve just that, letting you manage and pre-plan jobs so you’re not caught off-guard and store data offline, if you have no reception, for uploading later when you’re back online.

Streamline Communication 

It’s not just collaboration that’s crucial to reducing workplace stress, communication plays a big role, too. It’s important that you know where your team is at any given time and the pertinent details they have or need to accomplish tasks so you know where they’re most needed. This makes delegation easier—knowing who is responsible for or should do certain tasks reduces confusion, leading to less stress.

Quick status updates and access to live information allows you to streamline your communication methods so that you can communicate with anyone within your team better. As we all know, miscommunication at the workplace can lead to confusion and more stress. As such, having a system or tool that lets you streamline communication, access information, and collaborate within your team will lead to more efficiency and reduce stress.

Let QuickSafety Help Today 

These key tips are useful for anyone who aims to reduce job-related stress, and we’re pleased to announce that QuickSafety can certainly help in this regard. Our app functions as a user-friendly tool designed to make task management and compliance much easier for your team. With your needs in mind, we designed QuickSafety to be an effective and efficient paperless digital platform for proper job and compliance management, so you can do your job much better.

If you want to remove stress from your job, the QuickSafety app is now download via Google Play (for Android devices) and iTunes (for iOS devices). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and my team.

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