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QuickSafety is the compliance app that minimises risk, makes testing simple and keeps everyone happy. Complete on-site Inspections, Testing and Compliance Certificates, and lodge in seconds.

  • Reduce your legal exposure
  • No more Admins chasing you for Compliance Certificates
  • Say goodbye to paperwork
  • Compliance Certificates stored securely for 7 years
  • Ensure EVERY electrical job is safe!

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Government Verified

Electrical Contractors App - Australia and New Zealand

Reduce your Risk, Save Time, and Save Money with the QuickSafety Electrical Contractors Compliance App

Quickly and easily lodge your jobs and comply with all Electrical Compliance Certificate Regulations, storing every Test Certificate/Certificate of Electrical Compliance for seven years. The QuickSafety app is the tool for electrical contractors in Australia and New Zealand, providing transparency and reducing your paper trail and compliance risk.

Works Offline

No coverage? No problem! Your team won’t lose their work as QuickSafety stores all data for easy upload later on.

Lodge In Seconds

Lodge compliance instantly from your electricians’ mobile phone. No more time-consuming paperwork—just one simple app to get the job done in a fraction of the time!

Pre-plan Jobs

Jobs can be logged as many days ahead of time as you want (by electricians themselves or by admins), saving you time and helping get the job done faster.

Certificates Compliance App Construction

Secure Storage

Keep track of every Certificate of Electrical Compliance your electricians have lodged, all in one place, stored securely for seven years.

Sync Across Devices

QuickSafety instantly syncs with admin and team members across multiple devices, making it easier than ever to collaborate, manage, and report on job progress.

24/7 Access

Access all Certificates of Electrical Compliance anytime, anywhere—just log in to see your team and all their itemised jobs from the last seven years.

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