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Mining Industry More Proactive

In the mining and construction industries, you need two attributes to succeed: a proactive attitude to your business and efficient working habits. If you work in the mining or construction sectors, you’ll already know how important it is to be proactive when it comes to finding and completing jobs. My question to you now is, are you handling your paperwork and task management efficiently?

Here’s why I believe that a smart, paperless, connected, and integrated filing and task management system is the proactive solution to making your job easier, and why it helps you keep on top of your all-important compliance jobs.

Why Being Proactive Matters

Being proactive means actively seeking out opportunities to work faster and smarter. The Australian mining industry’s growing again at an impressive rate, and working efficiently is crucial for workers and employers tapping into this increasing demand. However, common pitfalls such as idleness, disorganisation, procrastination, and inefficiency will hold you back from having the proactive mindset you need to succeed.

This point is emphasised further when we talk about proper filing of compliance certificates. Being proactive in this regard also means being able to avoid late or the non-filing of your compliance certificates, which we all know can result in hefty penalties and even a revoked license.

Getting Proactive 

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to manage your electrical mining tasks and compliance more effectively. The better news is that you can start getting proactive right now through the use of our app: QuickSafety. For those in the mining industry, it allows you to manage your tasks and compliance certificates and be proactive through the following key features.

Real-Time Data Access

Seeing real-time data from electricians out on the field makes it easier to manage jobs and prioritise follow-ups. Since the information you need is readily accessible to you with just a few clicks, you can devise more proactive steps to improve a task or even solve a potential issue even before it arises. From circuit testing to compliance standard verification, seeing everything unfolding in real-time is critical to working proactively across multiple job sites.

Job Planning

Once you see data uploaded and refreshed in real-time, you can better manage your calendar and work schedule. Proper work management makes it easier to plan where you need to be, or where your contractors need to be, in advance. And, since working in mining can be time-consuming and sometimes leads to unexpected delays, the ability to pre-plan jobs is made more important. This is something QuickSafety offers, allowing you to have a clearer idea of what should be done, what you should prepare for, or if you need to make adjustments.

Putting a Premium on Communication

Communication within the team is important regardless of the business or industry you’re in. This is another area where QuickSafety can really contribute. Though the app, relevant data is made available anytime for all team members. And, through its auto-sync feature, you can be sure everyone can access up-to-date, live information, reducing the risk of miscommunication and inaccurate reporting. This makes it easier to liaise with mining contractors, supervisors, and electricians working in mining.

Having the right and latest information makes it easier for you and your team to be proactive, whether it be in delivering quality services or addressing compliance needs.

An Organised Workspace

It’s hard to be efficient and proactive if your workspace is full of clutter and messy paperwork. Since QuickSafety is all about going paperless, you’ll have a more organised workspace leading to a more positive state of mind at work. Reducing clutter helps you focus more on process improvements, growing your business, and being proactive.

Meeting Compliance Needs

I know how important it is to uphold compliance regulations, especially when it comes to completing and filing certificates of electrical compliance. Electricians and electrical contractors working in the mining industry can now complete, file, and lodge these certificates online in seconds, letting you get on with the next stages of the job without worrying about the financial or legal penalties for non-compliance.

Everything is done seamlessly and in seconds. And, even if you’re in a location with no network access, information is stored and uploaded the next time you’re online. What does this mean in terms of being proactive? Well, you really can’t be proactive if you encounter bottlenecks or delays in completing compliance certificates. Since QuickSafety improves the process and gives you the ability to input information in advance, you can focus on being proactive and accomplishing more tasks ahead of time.

Let QuickSafety Help You Today

My team designed QuickSafety to help you work better and make sure you’re on top of your compliance tasks. It helps users efficiently manage different tasks, from compliance filing to task allocation, and it makes job scheduling easier than ever before. We aim to help you and your team achieve more efficiency and be more proactive—two things that can definitely take your business to the next level.

Let the QuickSafety app work for you, whether you’re a mining manager or a tradesman. It is now available for download via Google Play (for Android devices) and iTunes (for iOS devices). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we’ll be more than willing to answer your queries.

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