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Success follows accelerator graduation

Quick Safety is an Australian METS company with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. It was established to solve compliance, risk and safety issues in the electrical industry.

Quick Safety provides certified compliance software to reduce risk, validate compliance with regulatory standard AS/NZ3000, provide complete transparency and satisfy regulatory requirements for secure storage of data for up to seven years.

Solving an industry need

Quick Safety Founder Kurt Alexander was prompted to find a solution in the form of an app after experiencing difficulty with electrical compliance testing first-hand.

With 38 years’ experience in the electronics and electrical industry, Kurt found there were three key issues affecting electrical testing compliance in Australia:

  • it was a time-consuming, paper-based operating environment
  • it was complex
  • it had rigorous mandatory storage requirements.

Firstly, he said the app assists electricians to calculate values for individual circuits to be compliant against AS/NZ3000.“

Electricians must know the parameters of AS/NZ3000. While some are fixed values, the most important are based on a formula that differs for every circuit. The electrician has to calculate that value for every circuit,” Kurt said.

“Secondly, the information is then handed to the mine site electrical site manager on paper. This person has no
validation that the job is compliant unless they rework every one of those tests,” he said.

“Our app calculates the correct values and provides realtime access to validated AS/NZ3000 Electrical Compliance Testing for every single person to visually check that compliance was maintained.”

“Thirdly, regulatory risk was reduced to nil. The app and web portals do it all for you. We have the only certified
AS/NZS3000 and AS/NZS3017 platform on the planet!”

Accelerator program boosts business

In 2017, Quick Safety was one of eight companies chosen to participate in the pilot Igniting METS Accelerator in Brisbane.

Igniting METS was the first of its kind in Australia, delivering an accelerator for METS companies with innovations ready to be implemented into the mining industry.

Igniting METS was a joint initiative of METS Ignited and the Queensland Government, and operated by KPMG Energise in Brisbane. Among the eight participants were six METS companies from regional Queensland, including Quick Safety.

The 12-week intensive program gave participants access to deep-dive workshops, mentoring and support from industry leaders, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts delivered by the team behind the successful KPMG Energise accelerator.

They also received financial, marketing, commercial and technical advice to commercialise their products and
services and gain additional traction in the mining sector.

“The Igniting METS Accelerator was the catalyst for Quick Safety to break in to the biggest sector for us, which was mining,” Kurt said.

“Because of the accelerator, we have a much better understanding of the procurement and operating environments in mines,” he said.

“METS Ignited has also helped us with connections to industry that have grown our business.”

Quick Safety received investor capital after performing a pitch at an event hosted by METS Ignited, Queensland
Government and KPMG for the Igniting Accelerator at IMARC 2017.

“Since the Accelerator, we’ve been to many METS Ignited events, and all have been very beneficial in networking and getting our products to market,” Kurt said.

“You have to take opportunities when they are presented to you. Now I go to as many METS Ignited events as possible for the networking and information sharing opportunities. I know the rewards and the return on investment [of attending].”

New accelerator coming in 2019

The RISE accelerator is specifically designed for scale-ups with proven solutions to priority challenges facing the mining and energy resources sectors seeking to commercialise their products and services in the domestic
and international markets.

The program provides direct access to financial, marketing, commercial and technical advice to assist in commercialising your products and services and start the process of scaling up your business to meet larger markets’ demand.

For more information visit www.riseaccelerator.org.

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