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Having worked in the electrical industry, both internationally and locally, over the last 38 years, QuickSafety’s Kurt Alexander, certainly has witnessed worst and best practice. Ensuring businesses and homes comply with electrical standards can sometimes be the difference between life or death, and QuickSafety recognised that simplifying and streamlining reporting and assessment processes would have a huge impact on the industry.

QuickSafety identified an opportunity to improve electrical testing practices and compliance with the Australian and NZ standard, AS/NZS3000, reducing the risk associated with undetected faulty wiring. Development of their system followed the identification of some risks and challenges within the industry including inaccurate testing calculations being conducted onsite, tests not being undertaken or fully completed and critical information about product and safety warnings not reaching electricians in a timely manner.


The system evolved to manage and record compliance of all circuits against AS/NZS3000, replacing cumbersome paper-based reporting with an all-in-one management system giving instant validation of testing which is also easy to understand by those who aren’t electricians. The system also addresses issues associated with storing and gaining access to reports and results ensuring access to information is maintained for up to 7 years.

A main benefit the system overcomes is the aggregation and dissemination of safety alerts, product recalls and other information direct to end users to improve information flow. The system aggregates and provides real-time alerts, messages and critical information sourced from various agencies and organisations, including the ACCC. Having such a system may have identified problems associated with the roof batt products used in the home insulation scheme.


QuickSafety is an AS/NZS3000-certified electrical inspection and testing compliance system made up of an App interface (for use on smart phones and tablets) and a web portal that interacts for online and offline use of the system. The solution addresses identified challenges:

  • Convenience of having an app that can be accessed on site, via phones or tablets
  • Calculations are embedded within the app, preventing errors
  • Compliance-driven workflow results in tests not being left uncompleted or skipped
  • Data is retained within the system for required regulatory periods, reducing risk and liability for contractors
  • Ability to receive real-time, targeted alerts, information and data


QuickSafety worked through the first stage of the program with mentoring from GHD, gaining an independent, commercial assessment that there is a substantial market opportunity for QuickSafety system.

Stage two’s tailored, one-on-one program would guide QuickSafety through the commercialisation process, including developing a strategic market plan and investment attraction strategy.


As an end user, this high-value application facilitates complete testing and maintains compliance with a lot less effort, enhancing safety outcomes for workers and stakeholders. QuickSafety are working to generate brand awareness for its system as very few target customers are aware of its significant value and benefits.

Quote from CEO about ECRi Hub and next steps

Alexander said “having benefited in the past from funding and grant programs, the ECRi Hubs program has been fantastic. We have had direct access to dedicated, industry professionals with honest opinions and a level of expertise that has proven invaluable.

The GHD team and the Queensland State Government have a genuine interest in our system. They have actively engaged with us in providing honest assessments, feedback and guidance in relation to what needs to be done to take our product and business to the next stage.”

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