The Benefits of Pre-filing and Doing Your Homework Before a Job

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The modern-day electrician has to be prepared before they tackle any job. They must make sure they work in accordance with strict regulations to ensure safety and conformity while completing the work to the satisfaction of the client. Much of your success will hinge on having enough preparation, and the pre-filing of paperwork before you even lift a hand could go a long way.

So, how can you adequately prepare for the tasks on any given day and use modern technology to make everything a lot easier, especially when it comes to electrical jobs and certificates of electrical compliance?

Pre-Filing Importance

It’s crucial to understand what needs to be done before arriving at a job site. This will cut down on delays (and often under the watchful gaze of the client) and allow more work to be completed in a given day. This type of homework can often reveal a potential snag in advance, which can then be addressed ahead of time to reduce downtime at the work site.

Pre-filing should also involve entering details that relate to certificates of compliance, so this report can be finalised quickly once the work has been completed. Remember, errors here can be costly and lead to fines in excess of $5,000.

Less Paperwork and Fewer Delays

Job number one must be to reduce inefficiency and to cut down as much of the paperwork as possible to eliminate those messy paper trails. To help, it’s important to pre-file—doing so makes it a lot easier to tidy up the details upon completion. This will also help to avoid delays in confirming any details or in answering questions that come up.

Easy Data Access

With a complicated paper trail, an electrician can often get lost in files and folders when trying to access details from an older job. This is no good if regulators are on the hunt for certificate of electrical compliance details, remember, they can request this up to five years after a job has been completed in Australia and seven in New Zealand. Efficient storage and wireless access can remove the challenge and keep both regulators and clients happy.

Everybody Benefits

Electricians may clash with administrators when paperwork is an afterthought, and this can lead to extra costs, uncertainty, and a failure to perform. All parties can, therefore, benefit when the correct technologies are used. Furthermore, the admin team can pre-file by logging jobs into the system so electricians can get to work without delay. Once again, this will result in exponential gains for the entire team.

Making a Difference

At QuickSafety, our electrical inspection and testing compliance app is the perfect solution for these issues. If you want to remain compliant, pre-file effectively, get rid of the clutter in your life and be productive with your time, we recommend knowing more about what our app offers. With QuickSafety, you have a great tool that will help you make sure you meet and manage compliance requirements, reduce costs, eliminate frustrating paper trails, and save time. All that leads to more efficiency and convenience for your daily work schedule.

The QuickSafety app is now available for download via Google Play for Android devices and iTunes for iOS devices.

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