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With costs constantly rising, new players entering the scene, and changes within the industry, the contracting field is becoming more competitive than ever. Small businesses need every edge they can find to keep up or stay ahead of the competition.

With this in mind, we at QuickSafety have designed an app for electricians, tradies, mining firms, and other contractors that will help you save time and money on inspection & testing and issuing compliance certificates, leading to a more robust competitive advantage to leverage.

So, how does our app achieve just that? Below is a summary of how one app can lead to increased time- and cost-efficiency.

What Is QuickSafety?

Compliance certificates, required in all states, remain an important government mandate, with serious penalties and repercussions for failure to comply. Taking care of the paperwork and records required can consume a lot of working hours, costing a company significant amounts of time. And since, in business, time essentially equates to money, this also means lost profits.

The QuickSafety app can help you process, manage, and organise compliance-related issues. It also conveniently stores records for up to five years in Australia (seven years in New Zealand). Our app takes the stress out of compliance by reducing legal exposure by up to $370,000 per month.

How QuickSafety Helps You Save Time and Money

Our app takes care of access, record keeping, and compliance validation. This leaves your staff and admin more free to do what they do best and rids workspaces of messy paperwork.

Keep Better Track of Jobs

The QuickSafety app allows users to pre-plan jobs while also logging progress and task completion. This allows users and admin to monitor tasks better and be updated in terms of the status of each task. The ability to pre-plan jobs also helps you be more time-efficient and prepared—you’ll be able to spot and even address potential issues in advance, resulting in reduced downtimes and saving you from headaches and lost income.

Register Compliance Information Remotely

Less paperwork. No more forgetting to complete compliance reports on the way back to the office. Just file remotely via your mobile device. If you’re reporting from a location so remote that you’re offline, QuickSafety will store the information and send it as soon as you’re within network range. This added convenience saves you time and reduces the stress associated with managing paperwork, keeping you more focused on improving your tasks or business as a whole.

Syncing and 24/7 access

Since information is also synced across all devices, QuickSafety not only saves time and money but also helps reduce miscommunication. With admin or staff members always updated, they’ll be informed of what they should know, need to do, and should prepare for.

Not every job falls between the hours of nine and five on business days. As such, QuickSafety also provides access on all hours every day, including holidays. It works whenever and wherever you have a job to do.

Efficient and Easy Compliance

As we all know, being compliant and managing compliance certificates can be tiring and frustrating. However, we basically have no choice—failing to comply means hefty fines and will negatively affect your reputation. Fortunately, with QuickSafety, through its innovative features, compliance is made easy and efficient, saving you from stiff penalties and helping you have more time to, say, do more tasks, improve your skills, or look for more clients.

That and its ability to help you manage your tasks and provide better visibility of progress for you and your team means that it not only helps you save time and money, it also makes your work easier overall, without you having to compromise anything.

Reach Out Today

With QuickSafety, you’re given a Certified AS/NZS3000 compliant app that provides advantages when it comes to compliance and task management—advantages that will help you do your job better. If you want to know more about QuickSafety or if you have any questions, get in touch with me or my team and we’ll be more than willing to help you.

If you’re interested in downloading the QuickSafety app, it’s now available for download via Google Play (for Android devices) and iTunes (for iOS devices).

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