Free from Clutter: How One App Can Change Your Desk and State of Mind

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Have you ever noticed that when your work area is cluttered, it hinders your workflow and makes your job harder and confusing? When clutter dominates our desks, we cannot focus as well on our tasks as we want to.

The truth of the matter is that clutter—in the form of things such as messy paperwork and a disorganised workspace—can slow us down and make us less productive, ultimately affecting our bottom line.

The Ill-effects of a Messy Workspace

Studies indicate that people spend a good deal of time looking for lost paperwork or gathering up files to do their work more effectively—time that could’ve been spent on other, more important things such as actually doing the job, looking for more business, or improving operations.

Not only that; there’s been plenty of research that reveals that clutter and a disorganised workspace negatively affects productivity. This, in turn, could adversely impact your bottom line. Think of it this way: because you spend more time and effort on dealing with paperwork and clutter, you’ll have less time dedicated to doing quality work and expanding your business. In the long run, this could even affect your reputation.

The need for having an effective system to manage or reduce paperwork becomes more apparent for electricians and electrical contractors. Aside from having to manage their tools and technical files, they also have to deal with plenty of paperwork related to certificates of compliance. If left unchecked, their files could pile up and make the task of organising them a more stressful job.

A Solution to all the Clutter

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could simplify or reduce your physical paperwork, streamline your job’s processes, and effectively declutter? By using digital work management tools and platforms such as QuickSafety that allows you to work with more efficiency, easy access, and less clutter, you’ll be a lot closer to these goals.

These tools offer the benefit of effectively managing your tasks and files while letting you reduce paperwork by having digital copies you can access online. In QuickSafety’s case, you can lodge certificates of compliance and record your inspection and testing results — a critical part of electricians and electrical contractors’ work—via your smartphone and store them for up to five years in Australia (seven years in New Zealand). Not only are you reducing clutter, you’re also making sure that the work you do is compliant to current safety standards.

Last but not the least, and with less physical clutter resulting in mental clutter, these tools could lead to a state of mind that’s better suited for accomplishing more tasks, one that’s more focused at getting the job done. To drive home this point further, below are other benefits:

  • You’ll find things you need faster; just a few clicks and you’ll have access
  • You can deal with compliance issues seamlessly without any hassles
  • Having less clutter allows you to focus more on your tasks and deliverables
  • With a better-focused mind, you will perform and produce higher quality work

If you want to reduce paperwork and clutter on your job site, make your workday more organised, and ensure you remain compliant, QuickSafety is here for you. Our app allows you to pre-plan jobs, store files securely, record inspection and testing results, and lodge compliance certificates wirelessly, among many other conveniences, to make things easier for you. You also don’t have to worry about file access for you and your team—it allows syncing for all devices and admin and team members for continuity and efficient collaboration. It also functions offline, even without mobile or network service. Whether you work as an electrician, electrical contractor, construction or mining company, or a government electrical regulator, this easy-to-use, stress-free tool will work wonders for you.

The QuickSafety app is now available on Google Play and iTunes for download. Get in touch with us today to know more.

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