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Electrical Safety for YOU and YOUR ASSETS

Complete Access 24/7

Complete Records

Complete and Validated Compliance

Electricians use App, Owners view on a Web Portal


Complete Transparency, Complete Records, Validated Compliance, Complete Peace-of-Mind. Ensuring Your Asset is Fully Compliant and Safe!

Electricians come and go, and no one really knows if the work they do is compliant or not, or safe for that matter! (We have Federal and State Legislation that requires all jobs to be fully compliant to Australian Standards, so this is not an option for the electricians).

Now, for the first time ever, you can rest assured that the work the electricians have completed IS Compliant and Safe.

QuickSafety solves all your compliance issues in one simple, easy-to-use product. Reduces compliance risk by securely storing your records for 7 years and enables you to access any testing certificates by ANY electrician anywhere, anytime. Keep everything in one place and save yourself up to $370,000 per month in legal exposure. With QuickSafety you’ll have total peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of.

No more wasted hours of paperwork or chasing up documents between admin and electricians, QuickSafety removes messy paper trails that are time consuming to manage and keep track of. It’s never been easier for you and your business to collaborate and manage compliance.


Here are just some of the benefits in using Quick Safety

Electricians Use the App

Electricians benefit from a Certified Australian Standards Product, that makes their life easier and removes their risk. Also approved by State Electrical Regulators.

Lodge In Seconds

Asset Owners get the testing results immediately when the job is completed. Electricians easily lodge compliance instantly from their mobile phone. No more paperwork or filing – just one simple app to get the job done in a fraction of the time!

Works Offline

Remote locations – no problem! Even if the electricians are out of mobile range, they won’t lose their work, or have to start over. QuickSafety stores all testing data for easy upload later on.

Secure Storage

Keep track of every compliance certificate / testing report ever lodged, all in one place, stored securely for 7 years. (Federal and State requirements vary from 5-7 years, but QuickSafety has you covered for 7 years!)

Predictive Capability

Now, we can predict power faults and failures BEFORE they happen. Also, preventing electrical fires and electrocutions – minimising your risk dramatically. Access your certificates of compliance anytime, anywhere. Making insurance claims easy to process for electrical compliance.

Sync Across Devices

QuickSafety instantly syncs with admin and team members across multiple devices, making it easier than ever to collaborate, manage and report on job progress.


Quick Safety is a proven solution to electrical safety compliance. Below are just some of our happy clients:

Andrew Mackie-Smith

Google Review

Quick Safety is a reliable and trusted solution for the Electrical industry. Easy to use, compliant and cost effective. Highly recommended.

Sofia Angi

Google Review

Fantastic company and application! Innovative, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to electrical safety. Improves the safety of electrical workers on site, the efficiency of electrical contractors and companies, and easily accessible by customers. Couldn’t recommend it enough!

B and Q Admin

Google Review

The quick safety app has been great for our company. It’s easy to navigate & an accurate way to store all of our testing results that we can in turn provide to our clients whilst our technicians out on the field receive updates/urgent alerts re any urgent legislation changes. Kurt & his team are exceptional and always on hand to help with any queries. We would recommend the quick safety app to all the electrical companies out there.

Sean Falvey

Google Review

From the moment I first spoke to Kurt he has been nothing but helpful and professional. When I started my electrical contracting company Quick Safety was and still is the only testing system that I use. Why wouldn’t you want to use a system that is endorsed by the ESO? The app is very easy for me to use in the field on my phone or tablet. The safety alerts are a great feature keeping you informed of all the latest news from around the electrical industry. It is very reasonably priced which allows it to be easily worked into quotations.

Krystal Bush

Google Review

We use quick safety for our electrical business. It saves us so much time and they are a pleasure to deal with.

Shane Nyssen

Google Review

Amazing company. We have been with Quick Safety from the beginning. We are an electrical company and we love the Quick Safety Platform. I can’t recommend them enough. Thanks Quick Safety for making my life easier. Love what you do 10 outta 10!!!

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Electrical Compliance app

Book a Call Now to enable your SoleApp 20% Discount for the next 3 months!

*We won’t sell your details